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In February 2016 I started looking for a new motorcycle as I purposely waited until the 2016 Gold Wings and the 2016 Yamaha FJR's were released to see if there was going to be any changes in either model. I really like Gold Wings and I have ridden a lot of miles on Gold Wings over the last 14 years, something like 450,000 miles. I think I know everything there is know about a Gold Wing including its strong points and weak points. I was disappointed when the 2016 Gold Wing was released and I told Honda sales and management that I was disappointed. I was happy to see that the 2016 FJR had many changes as it was a motorcycle that I admired from a distance. With there being no new Gold Wing for 2016 I decided to look at other motorcycles that interested me. If I am going to make a change I did not want any other large touring motorcycle as I do not believe that other than the BMW K1600 GTL that any other touring motorcycle would satisfy me. I decided to look at modern sport touring motorcycles.

Looking at more modern motorcycles ( read more safety technology like traction control ) opened up my options and meant I needed to do some research. I listed out the motorcycles that I thought would be a good fit for the type of riding I like to do. I also wanted to buy a new motorcycle that had all or most of the safety features that has made its way to motorcycles over the years.

I had been looking for many safety features like traction control, stability control and more robust motorcycle every year from Honda and I had been communicating with them for many years to try and get them to add some of the more modern features on today’s motorcycles even to a point I received a letter from the Honda legal department telling me that if any of the features I was suggesting were added to the Gold Wing it would be their idea and not mine. I am getting older and I wanted to buy a motorcycle that would help to protect me from me.

I listed out the motorcycles that I thought I could ride and went through the good and not so good of each motorcycle and I ended up with the BMW RT. I chose the RT over the BMW GTL because I did not want or need all of the power of the GTL and the RT had all of the same features of the GTL except the fancy headlight.

Once I made my choice I reached out to a good friend who works for BMW and discussed what I was thinking and my concerns regarding the cost of ownership of a BMW motorcycle. I confirmed that it was ok for me to perform my own maintenance and service just as long as I recorded the work.

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I listed the motorcycles that I thought might make a good long distance and rally motorcycle and then I worked through the list listing what would be good and bad points to me. I ended up picking the BMW R1200RT as it had all of the options I wanted and more. It also has safety features I had been after Honda for 8 years to incorporate in to the Gold Wing.

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Fuel Tank Removed From The 2016 R1200RT

Fuel Pump From Inside The Fuel Tank On The 2016 R1200RT

Fuel Tank Removed From RT

3M Reflective Tape On The 2016 R1200RT

Spacer And Longer GSA Bolts Required To Run A 205/50R17 Tire


First Car Tire I Tested On The RT - Yokohama 195/45R17



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