2019 BMW R1250 GSA

So I did it, I bought a new 2019 BMW R1250 GSA to use in the western North Carolina mountains and beyond!

I rode my new BMW 1250 GSA in the 2019 Iron Butt Rally and I think it did help me due to the lighter weight and easier handling.

I crashed and totaled the first BMW R1250 GSA and I now have another one that I have setup and farkled the same as the first one. They almost would look like twins if I had them side by side.





2019 BMW 1250 GSA Information

I am starting to get farkles installed on my new BMW GSA and this webpage is where I will try and provide the how and why I did what I did.

Some Thoughts

Some of my initial thoughts

The Good

  • Great power – faster than the BMW RT up to 100 MPH – 0 to 100 was QUICK

  • Traction Control

  • Ride Modes

  • Better off road ability

  • Better gas mileage

  • More luggage space than 2018 Gold Wing

Not So Good

  • Engine is much louder – I like motorcycles that are quieter

  • Smaller rear tire - I prefer more rubber on the road

Farkles List

  • MachineartMoto Avant 12 Front Fender Extender
  • MachineartMoto Rear Fender Extender
  • Sargent Seat
  • BeadRider
  • Highway Pegs
  • Boyd Welding 3.5 Gallon AUX Tank
  • Ram Mounts ( 6 )
  • Moto Equip X-Pattern Reflective Tape
  • Wunderlich Touring Windscreen
  • Wunderlich Screen Reinforcement
  • Wunderlich Instrument Protection Film
  • Wunderlich Sun Visor for 6,5 In. Connectivity Display
  • Clearwater Sevina AUX Lights
  • HEX EzCan Controller
  • Hyper-Lites Brake / Tail Lights
  • AeroFlow AeroWings
  • AeroFlow HandFlare Extensions
  • Rox Pivoting Bar Risers
  • AltRider Lexan Headlight Guard Kit
  • SW-MOTECH Seat-Rack
  • Garauld TechWorks Hydration System
  • Saeng QuickScan Mirrors
  • Nelson-Rigg Black Holds 12.39/16.52 Liters RG-1045 Trails End Adventure Motorcycle Tank Bag
  • TankSlapper XPEL Protective Film
  • Excel Cycle Werkes Exhaust Extension
  • Kathy's Inner Saddlebag Liners
  • Eriding 2 USB Charger 4.2A Adapter Blue LED Voltmeter with Powerlet Din Plug
  • Sav-A-Deer Whistle
  • Grip Puppies
  • Ilium Works Side Stand Foot Englarger
  • APL Laser

BMW R1250 GSA - AUX Tank


AUX Tank Specs

  • Custom Aluminum Tank 10"L x 9"W x 9"t ( 3.4 Gallon )

  • From 1/8" Mill Finish 5052H32 Aluminum

  • Small Sump with -4 AN Outlet

  • 27038-4 NV Machined Cap And Neck

  • 1/8" NPT in Fill Neck

  • (1) Baffle

  • (4) Mounting Tabs 2x2x3/16"

2019 BMW 1250 GSA AUX Tank Photos

Boyd Welding Invoice


Saeng Quick Scan Mirrors

I have been using Saeng Quick Scan Mirrors for 16 years and really like the rear visibility they give me. I mount them so they are at the height that I can just give them a "quick scan" to see what is behind and beside me. With these mirrors I can see vehicles right next to me so I have no blind spots. The mirrors mount with 3M VIRB tape that works well over triple digits. The mirrors have a lot of adjustability to allow them to work on many different windscreens.



More information coming soon ...




2019 BMW GSA



The 2019 BMW R1250 sets the standard for all around riding.