100 CCC ( JAX To SDO To JAX )

Turned into Two 50CC's

September 20, 2018

Jacksonville Beach To San Diego To Jacksonville Beach

Part Of The "Bad As You Want To Be" Series

This Ride To Honor All Law Enforcement Officers Who Have Been Killed In The Line Of Duty

RenoJohn - This Ride Is For You!

This ride will honor fallen police officers in the USA. As a former police officer I am honored to support the police, I hope you are too!

If you can please donate to a local charity that supports families of fallen police officers.

This ride turned into two 50CC, two 1800+ mile BBG's and a 32 hour 50CC and a 29 hour and 23 minutes 50CC as my work wanted me to stay in San Diego that week. I decided to stop and stay in San Diego and I ended the ride and started the planning of a fast 50CC ride back on the way home Saturday 29, 2018. I was originally thinking I would complete the 100CCC and then catch a flight back to San Diego the next day but no way I would have been ready for work after not sleeping more than 10 hours over 4 days.


It's time to attempt this ride again. In September of 2016 I thought I could start the ride in the middle of a hurricane ( Hurricane Hermine ) and I learned the hard way that was not such a good idea, duh. When I started my ride it was raining like hell and the wind was around 30 MPH. As I started heading west on I-10 the rain and wind picked up and most of my electronics got soaked and stopped working and made it difficult for me to continue the ride. Of course there was the semi trucks turned over and cars off the road that helped me make the decision to try this ride another day easier.

My planning for the ride in 2016 was going to see how close I was to getting comfortable on my BMW RT before the 2017 Iron Butt Rally, well now I have a new 2018 Honda Gold Wing ( ST1800 ) and I have been working on getting the ergonomics set so I can be comfortable for long distances. So now my goal on this ride will be to see where I am at in getting the ergonomics correct for the Gold Wing and how far I can ride before I have to stop.

To get an idea if I am getting close to getting comfortable I am planning to ride a Iron Butt Association 100CCC ( coast to coast to coast ) ride starting on September 20, 2018. A friend, Dan Thaler, has decided that he will be attempting this ride with me riding his custom 2017 BMW RT with auxiliary fuel. We will be starting in Jacksonville Beach, FL riding to San Diego, CA and then back to Jacksonville Beach, FL. I have successfully completed this ride three times in the past but the last one was in 2008 for the IBA Jacksonville Party Ride-In so it is time to see if I still know how to find my way west.

I also want to test some new electronics I have installed on the Gold Wing and hope I don't get a visit from the government. ;) including a new radar detector with a custom configuration for this ride.

I have a new custom auxiliary fuel tank built by Boyd Welding that has a capacity of 6 gallons to go along with the stock 5.5 gallons of the 2018 Gold Wing. This will give me a total of 11.5 gallons and a range of around 350+ miles between fuel stops.

Dan and I will be testing our new Clearwater Lights on this ride. Dan has a new set of Sevina's and I just purchased the new Sevina's lights with a total of 14,000 lumens. We should really light up the road and I am sure they will come in handy in west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona as we will be riding through those areas at night.

Our first leg of the 100CCC will start at the Gate gas station ( see below ) in Jacksonville Beach, FL. I have started many rides from this gas station including two BBG Trifecta's, three 100CCC's and one BBG 3000. This is the most common starting location for riders doing a 50CC or 100CCC when starting in Jacksonville Beach.

My objective for this ride is to see how far I can ride stopping only for gas and bio breaks, I am just not sure what range I have before I need to rest. I am going to attempt a BBG Trifecta ( 1500+ mile days, back to back to back, you have to ride 1500+ miles in each 24 hour period ) in the middle of the 100CCC and see if I can still ride multiple BBG's as I am getting a little old. This should give me a good idea if I am pretty comfortable on my new Gold Wing.

The only way we can do 3 BBG's back to back to back while riding a 100CCC is to not stop in San Diego when we finish our first 50CC. We will have to get our rest after the first BBG is completed at Van Horn, TX and then we continue to ride to San Diego get our time and date stamped receipt to end the first 50CC and start the second 50CC ( we will lose all of the time between the first and second 50CC's that we would have used for rest ) and then continue and ride to Las Cruses, NM to end the second BBG. We can rest there for a couple hours depending on how much time we have before the clock starts for the third BBG. We then start the third BBG at Las Cruses, NM which will end at Monticello, FL. We can get some rest at this stop which is the end of the third BBG depending on how much time we have left on the clock for the second 50CC. Either way we still have to ride another 167 miles back to Jacksonville Beach to end the second 50CC and the 100CCC before the 50 hours allotted for the second 50CC. The only times we will be able to rest is at the end of BBG's, not the normal places of Junction, TX and San Diego, CA. I have a pretty aggressive route for the first 50CC and do not plan much rest between the first and second BBG's at Van Horn.

We are planning on starting the ride at 3:00 AM East Coast time September 20, 2018 so that we get to Houston before rush hour and arrive in San Diego before rush hour Friday morning on September 21, 2018 if everything goes according to plans. The first BBG will end at Van Horn, TX, the second BBG ends at a Marriott in Las Cruces, NM and the third BBG will end at Monticello, FL. We will then continue on to Jacksonville Beach, FL to finish the 100CCC.

All of the ride planning is done, now we need to execute the ride. Hopefully we will have good weather and clear roads.

Dan Thaler ( completed 20 BBG's ) is going to attempt this ride with me riding his custom BMW RT and I have his Spotwalla tracking information below. Dan and I have ridden many BBG's ( 12 ) and over 20,000 miles together over the last couple years and he is a good rider and easy to ride with.

This is our current planned ( things can change depending on our fuel range ) gas stops on the first leg to San Diego.

  • BP 2517 3rd St, Jacksonville Beach,  FL - Start 50CC & First BBG

  • Mobile on I-10 in Crestview, FL

  • Shell on I-10 in Grosse Tete, LA

  • Shell on I-10 in Columbus, TX

  • Exxon on I-10 in Ozona, TX

  • Pilot on I-10 in Van Horn, TX - End BBG One & Start Second BBG

  • Chevron on I-10 in San Simon, AZ

  • Texaco on I-8 in Dateland, AZ

  • Shell on Voltaire St in San Diego, CA - Finish First 50CC

This is our current planned gas stops on the second leg back to Jacksonville Beach.

  • Shell on Voltaire St in San Diego, CA - Start Second 50CC

  • Shell on I-8 in Gila Bend, TX

  • Chevron on I-10 in San Simon, AZ

  • Marriott on I-10 in Las Cruces, NM - End BBG Two & Start Third BBG

  • Shell on I-10 in Fort Stockton, TX

  • Exxon on 1604 Loop in Converse, TX

  • Loves on I-10 in Vinton, LA

  • Pilot on I-10 in Theodore, AL

  • Shell on I-10 in Monticello, FL - End BBG Three

  • BP 2517 3rd St, Jacksonville Beach,  FL - Finish 100CCC


Interactive Maps Below

Below are four interactive maps, our Google West and East routes and our  Spotwalla tracking maps.

Route Maps

The Google route maps and the Spotwalla tracking maps allow you to zoom in and out using the + and - buttons in the bottom right of the maps and you can drag the map with a mouse. You can also zoom in and out of the maps with a mouse that has a wheel. They show our planned route ( Google Maps ) and below that map is a map of my current location with the use of a SPOT satellite tracking device and Spotwalla.com ( thanks Jason Jonas ). Below my Spotwalla tracking map is Dan Thaler's Spotwalla tracking map. Before the national weather radar map where you can see the weather radar along our route there is information on 15 cities along our route that shows weather averages that we can use for planning purposes only.

Weather Maps

Here is a link to my 50CC / 100CCC weather webpage with weather for 30 cities along the route and 15 different national weather maps. This is a great way to see what weather lies ahead on the route.

Weather Webpage Link:  50CC/100CCC Weather Webpage

There is more weather information below the Google route and Spotwalla tracking maps that include weather averages for 15 cities along the route that provides information on temperature and rain fall averages along the route. This is good route planning information.

All the way at the bottom of the webpage is a current national weather radar loop map.

Spotwalla Tracking

Here is Dan's and my direct Spotwalla tracking links that will open in a new browser window. Also below is our embedded Spotwalla tracking.

Greg's Spotwalla Tracking Link: https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=5

Dan's Spotwalla Tracking Link: https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=19b185b3020a28ca3e

State DOT Websites

I use the following state DOT websites for traffic and construction information during ride planning. If I see large scale construction zones I will mark them with custom POI's in my GPS's so I get alerted when I am getting close to them. This information helps me understand why traffic may be slow in those areas.

State Traffic Website Link











New Mexico






50CC East To West - Jacksonville Beach To San Diego

50CC West To East - San Diego To Jacksonville Beach

My Current Location From Spotwalla.Com

Dan Thaler's Current Location From Spotwalla.Com

Current US Weather Radar

Weather Averages For Cities Along The Route


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