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This is the presentation I have did at the 2013 and 2014 Iron Butt Association's Bike Week Party in Jacksonville. It describes how I prepare, plan and execute riding in rallies. My method was developed by talking to some of the big dogs and adapting some of my ideas to their approach. I take preparing and planning to an extreme as I believe that both are required to do well in rallies.

I started riding in rallies in 2006 and have ridden in 12 rallies over the years. I have been improving on my method over the years and that has made rallying more fun.

At the bottom is a list of rallies I have ridden in, how I finished and for some a rally report.


Here is a list of major rally's I have ridden in.

Rally When Position Rally Report
 Cape Fear 1000 2007 7th Rally Report
 MTF 8 Hour Mini Rally 2007 DNF
 Cape Fear 1000 2008 4th  
 Iron Butt Rally 2009 37th Rally Report
 IBA IB 5000 2010 9th Rally Report
 Cape Fear 1000 2011 5th Rally Report
 Iron Butt Rally 2011 DNS  
 Cape Fear 1000 2012 1st Rally Report
 Last Resort Rally 2012 6th Rally Report
 Cape Fear 1000 2013 5th  
 Iron Butt Rally 2013 9th Rally Report
* Click the link in the Rally Report column for rally report.


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