2012 Gold Wing Setup Photos

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Any and all modifications you make are done at your own risk.

Hella HID's lights mounted with PIAA brackets.
AUX Tank Mount Modification  
Photo of AUX tank line plumbed into the wing's fuel sending unit plate. ( This is the plate that has the fuel tank float ).
Another angle of the AUX tank line installation. You have to be sure where you drill the hole for the brass fitting as underneath of the plate is mounted the float bracket. Just be careful where you drill the hole for the brass fitting.

I use a 3/8" fitting and 3/8 fuel line to have the 5 gallon tank drain as fast as possible. Most others use a 5/16" fitting and fuel line.
Just another photo angle. Be sure the fuel line is positioned to not run over the tongs that stick up.
One more angle.
Close up.
Bracket I made for the Aux tank. I made it out of aluminum.
Bracket on the wing. I made it high enough to sit off the seat so it would not damage the seat.
Tank mounted.
Photo from other side.
Photo from a distance where you can see the fuel line and quick disconnect.
2012 Navi Use While Moving Modification.  
This is the area of the speed sensor wire you would need to cut to modify the wing's built in navigation to use while moving. What happens is you cut a wire and install a switch so that when you turn the switch to the off position you create an open for the circuit. This tricks the Navi into thinking it is not moving. When you turn the switch to the off position the Navi does not track the movement of the wing. ( It takes a couple seconds for the Navi to recognize that it is not moving and you can not use the buttons until then ) On the navi's screen it will look like you are not moving. You can then use the buttons on the right side to perform any function like look up a POI, stop or start a new route and any other function you can do while stopped.

When you are done turn the switch to the on position and the Navi will catch up to your location and start working normally.

The wire you cut is white with a black strip.
Another angle of the are where the wire is.
Photo with where I made my cut and monster tape covering it up.
Photo with the wire cut and waterproof connectors used to connect the wires going to the switch. I have my switch mounted on the bottom of the switch housing on the right handle bar.
Close up photo that you can see the white were with the black stripe.
Another close up photo.
Photo from a little distance so you can see the wire location.
My switch is mounted under the right switch housing so I can get to it easily. I can turn the switch on and off with my thumb and not need to take my hand off the handle bar.

I bought the switch at Radio Shack and I made the bracket from a piece of aluminum. I drilled a hole the size of the switch. There is a small screw under the switch housing that I mounted the bracket to.
Another angle of the switch mount.
Valentine One Radar Detector Mount  
I have a RAM mount mounted to the dash of the wing with a RAM arm.
Garmin Zumo 665 Mount  
Photo of how I have my Zumo mounted.
Another angle.
Another angle.
Close up photo.
One more close up photo.