100CCC / BBG Trifecta Week 2013

Bad As You Want To Be!!!

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100CCC / BBG Trifecta Route 
100CCC / BBG Trifecta Week Information
  • Do you want to ride coast to coast to coast?

  • Is it possible to ride coast to coast to coast in 3 days?

  • Are you an extreme long distance rider?

  • Do want to attempt multiple back to back BBG's?

  • Do you just want to have some kick ass fun?

  • Can you say Cannonball Times Two?



I am planning a few rides for next year to be in riding shape for the Iron Butt Rally next July. One of those rides is a 100CCC and since I have successfully completed 3 100CCC's in the past I am going to make this attempt a little harder by including a BBG Trifecta in the attempt. And since I have completed 2 BBG Trifecta's I am going to make it even a little harder and try to complete the 100CCC in less than 75 hours. It is a little ambitious but last year I did a BBG Trifecta in just over 70 hours and adding the 100CCC is only 203 miles more than the BBG Trifecta is. My planned route is JAX to San Diego to JAX which is 4,725 miles.


My route has me starting in Jacksonville Beach and completing the first BBG in Van Horn, TX, completing the second BBG at Las Cruces, NM and completing the third BBG at Quincy, FL. I will not be stopping for rest in San Diego, I will just be getting a receipt at the Shell station on Voltaire street in San Diego and turning around headed to Las Cruces, NM to complete the second BBG. I will then head to Quincy, FL to complete the third BBG. It is only 203 miles to the finish for the 100CCC. The plan is to get 3 hours sleep at the end of each BBG and maybe take a 2 hour nap at the end of the BBG Trifecta depending on how I feel. Right now I am planning on a midnight start in JAX but this is subject to change depending on how I feel, possible weather along the route and any traffic or large scale construction issues I may find out about. It should be a hell of a ride with no real buffer time for anything to happen. My thinking right now is to make this attempt during the week leading up to the IBA Pizza Party next year. If all goes well this will be my 4th 100CCC and my 3rd BBG Trifecta!


Do you think it is possible to ride coast to coast to coast in three days? Most drivers take three days or more just one way. I am not sure but I want to give it a shot. If so join me in Jacksonville, FL for 100CCC / BBG Trifecta Week 2013. Promises to be a hell of a week and a hell of a ride. I will be attempting to ride coast to coast to coast in three days. To make it more fun I am going to attempt a BBG Trifecta at the same time. The route is simple and I have ridden it many times so I know it well.


The host hotel in Jacksonville Beach has changed to a Holiday Inn Express to save on cost, see information below. The rate is $80 a night and you need to contact me for the rate code.


I will be updating the webpage with more information soon.


If you are interested in riding a 100CCC or a BBG Trifecta send me an email at greg@gregrice.com. You must have completed at least a BBG to join me on this ride as it is EXTREME ride and it will challenge your abilities to the utmost and then some. This ride is not associated with any group or organization and is only a ride among friends.


  •  I need help with witnesses in Jacksonville, Van Horn, Las Cruces, San Diego and Quincy if you can help please send me an email to greg@gregrice.com.


Got A Call From The FAA

I got a call from the FAA today telling me that it is illegal to fly without a pilot’s license and to fly an unregistered plane. I asked that what they meant and they said that they heard about my planned ride next March to go coast to coast to coast in 3 days and they said that the only way to do that was to fly so they assume I will be flying an illegal aircraft.   I tried to explain to them that I will be riding a motorcycle but gave up and told them not to worry that I had had basic and advance ground school in the past and even a few hours in the seat. They seemed to be okay with that and said they would give me a special airworthiness certificate in the experimental category so I could file a flight plan. They said that way I will be legal in the event I get airborne at any time during the ride.

100CCC / BBG Trifecta Week Information -
Start Hotel:

Holiday Inn Express

1101 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

Contact Me For Rate Code

Pre Ride Lunch:


Ride Start Time:


Gate Gas Station
2520 3rd St S
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Hotel Van Horn, TX:

Super 8
1807 E Frontage Road
I-10 Golf Course Rd/Exit 138
Van Horn, TX 79855

Hotel Las Cruces, NM:

Comfort INN & Suites
1300 Avenida de Mesilla
Mesilla Park, NM 88005

Registration Link:

100CCC Registration

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100CCC Riders

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Weather Link:

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